1. What are the indoor playground hours?

The Playground is open an hour after the opening time and an hour before the closing time of the facility. Facility hours may be reduced during the summer season and holidays, so please check facility hours on our Contact Us page. Everyone entering the playground must wear socks, even if you are just supervising. If you have forgotten socks you can purchase a pair at the front desk for $2.

2. Can I bring food and drink into the playground?

No food or drink is allowed in the playground. Please use the tables and chairs outside the playground for food and drinks.

3. Can I rent the playground?

We do not rent the playground. You are welcome to purchase day passes for your guests that are not CRRC members so everyone can use the playground.

4. Is the playground busy?

The capacity of the playground is 40 people. We cannot answer that question, as people come and go frequently.  

5. Can I drop my children off at the CRRC? Do I have to stay?

Children under 14 must be supervised at all times when participating in drop-in or unstaffed activities, including playground play. Ensure you are always visible to your child.  Older children registered in staffed programs may not need parental supervision.

6. What are the track hours? Who can use the track?

Members and day pass users can access the track anytime during operating hours. Non-members can receive day passes and key FOBs by checking in at the front desk. All key FOBs must be returned to the front desk after use.

Children 11 and under can access the track between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Children 0-5 must stay in their strollers, and children 6-11 must stay close to their guardian. Please ensure stroller wheels are clean before bringing them on the track. Children 12-14 can access the track with supervision anytime. View our complete Track Rules.

7. What facilities can I rent for a birthday party?

We have multiple options for birthday parties of different sizes! You will bring in your own decorations, food, and cake. Make sure to include your set-up and take-down time in your rental time when booking.

i. The Community Room & Kitchen, located on the main level beside the indoor playground, can fit 24 people. There are six tables and 12 chairs available for use.

ii. MPR 1, located on the second floor, can fit up to 88 people. We set up tables and chairs, and you choose the layout. Eat food, have cake, open presents, and play games in the MPR.

iii. MPR 2, located on the second floor, can fit up to 88 people. We set up tables and chairs, and you choose the layout. Eat food, have cake, open presents, and play games in the MPR.

iv. Fieldhouse – Rent a 1/3 court to play basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, or floor hockey/ringette. You could even rent a bouncy house and bring it if you like.

v. We do not rent the playground or Splash Pad. It is first-come first-serve and can be used along with the public during birthday parties with the proper memberships or day passes.

8. What type of events can I book a room for?

Book our rooms for any type of event you desire — birthday parties, meetings, classes, workshops, or conferences! For more information on our facilities, visit our Venues page. 

9. Can I serve liquor at my event?

If you require liquor at your event, please submit a request to the Facility Manager. Once the Facility Manager has approved, you must apply for a one-time social occasional permit through the Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA). Requests can be sent to [email protected]

10. Where can I find rental costs?

View facility rental costs on our Facility Rentals page.

11. What information do I need to provide when submitting a rental request?

a. Room rentals:

i. Approximate number of guests
ii. Table layout — U shape, classroom, long rows (For MPR bookings only)
iii. Date options
iv. Time options

b. Fieldhouse/Ice rentals:

i. Are you a resident of Niverville?
ii. Approximate number of guests
iii. Sport selected:
Fieldhouse – Basketball, volleyball, pickleball, badminton, floor hockey, ringette.
Ice – Hockey, ringette, skate
iv. Date options
v. Time options

12. Where can I find your facility schedule?

You can view which facilities are available on our Facility Venue page. We currently do not post what events are happening in which facilities.

13. How much is a membership?

View membership rates here.

14. What is included with my membership?

  1. Annual memberships and day passes allow you unlimited access to the track, the playground, and open gym/public skating events and programs.
  2. A membership purchased by one user cannot be transferred to another user, and memberships are non-refundable. Children 14 and under MUST be supervised at all times.

15. Can I pre-purchase day passes?

Day passes are purchased at the front desk on the day you will be using CRRC facilities.

16. How do I register for a program? Do I have to live in Niverville?

Any town resident or non-resident can register for Niverville Recreation programs through Niverville’s Perfect Mind platform! View the list of programs and register online on our Programs page.

17. How do I create a Perfect Mind account?

a. Go to https://townofniverville.perfectmind.com/
b. Select “Don’t have a login? Sign up”
c. Fill in your information and submit.
d. You’ll receive an email to verify your account
e. Add your family members to your account.
f. If you have a spouse who wants to have their own account, there are two options:

i. Create an account using your spouse’s email address and give us an email or call for us to activate their account.
ii. Have your spouse create their own account and contact Niverville Rec to get them on your family account.

g. If you need assistance creating your account or registering for programs, call us at 204-388-4600 X3.

18. Where can I view Public Skating, Sticks & Pucks, Sticks & Rings, and Open Gym?

You can view our schedules on Perfect Mind under Activity Registration > Drop-in Programs > Open Gym or Public Skating Events.

19. What are the hours for Chuck’s Pro Shop?

Chuck’s Pro Shop is a separate business from the Town of Niverville CRRC. If you have any questions, you can find them on Instagram @chucksproshop