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Niverville Mixed Martial Arts Programs

Niverville Recreation is proudly home to a full series of Mixed Martial Arts programs for both youth and adults. Starting with just youth wrestling in fall of 2021, Niverville Rec has seen substantial growth in the sport. We now offer a full program series for all ages! See below for details on each of these MMA Sports taught by local instructors!


Come try the World’s Oldest Sport! Wrestling is back in Niverville. Whether you want to learn a new skill,  improve your fitness and confidence, cross-train for other martial arts or become a serious competitor this is the place to be! Classes in Olympic style wrestling are for all ages 5 and up with no experience necessary. A typical class will include a high energy warm-up, learning and practicing new wrestling techniques, fun skill-building games, and the chance to use your skills through live wrestling.

Minimal equipment is required- come in shorts and a t-shirt without straps, clips, or zippers. Wrestling shoes are optional.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Early focus will be paid to the foundational techniques of positional control leading to submission. Most class time and techniques will be working live with a partner. In our youth programs, your children will gain problem solving skills as they experiment with what works, and what doesn’t whilst drilling the variety of movements and technique’s. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an art and an opportunity for you child to express themselves, their creativity and learn what their body is capable of.

Within our adult program, Participants will delve into more advanced techniques and concepts of Brazilian jiu jitsu with more of an emphasis on sparring (rolling) and dynamic drills.

Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Muay Thai and Kickboxing will focus on fundamental techniques and skill development. A progressive learning approach to defence, boxing, kicking, clinching and knees. Intense physical conditioning will be a part of each class and will help develop your overall athleticism. There is light to moderate contact during drills and exercises. This class is for both beginners and those who have prior experience in striking. Classes will occur twice a week, with one class focusing on pad work /conditioning, while the other will focus on technique and contact drills.

Participants will require equipment to attend this program, which will include:
Shorts, shirt, mouth guard, 14-16oz boxing gloves, hand wraps and shin guards.

View the programs ages, times and register online today, or contact us at 204-388-4600 ext 3 for more information!


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