Jan 2, 2024 | Events

Upcoming Workshops with Niverville Recreation!

 Join us in 2024 for our professionally instructed workshops! These workshops are designed to provide you with information, guidance and detailed instruction that will build your knowledge and abilities across a variety of topics.

Intro to Investments  |  January 16  |  7-8PM  |  $10 

Just in time for RRSP and tax season, please join us for an informative evening where Certified Financial Planner Cameron Rennie and his team from IG Private Wealth Management will discuss foundational investing concepts as well as other considerations for investment, tax, and estate planning. We will briefly cover some proposed tax changes that may affect charitable giving, and will have time to answer attendees’ questions.
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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation  |  January 20  |  1-2PM  |  $35 

Mindfulness meditation is a practice and a method of systematically training the mind to
purposely focus attention on the present moment. In a world that often has the mind
unable to concentrate, dwelling in rumination or predicting or dreading the future,
training in mindfulness is a highly recommended method to reduce depression, anxiety,
and increase well-being. Join us for a one-hour introduction!
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Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion |  February 3  |  1-2PM  |  $35 

Most of us find it easy to offer kindness to our friends and loved ones when they are
struggling. When we are challenged, we can find ourselves being highly critical and
judgemental, harsh and unforgiving. Self-compassion involves the capacity to comfort
and soothe ourselves, to motivate ourselves with encouragement and results.
Self-compassion is linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression, higher optimism,
curiosity, emotional intelligence, improved relationship functioning, and positive health
behaviours. Join us for a one-hour introduction.
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Stay Safe Program  |  March 26  |  9AM-3PM  |  $50 

Real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges. The Stay Safe! program teaches applicable and age-appropriate skills, while increasing and reinforcing a youth’s capacity to improve his or her own safety. Whether in their community or on their own, this group will be given better tools to Stay Safe! in a variety of different situations. Participants will take home a manual.
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Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course  |  March 27  |  9AM-4PM  |  $55 

The Babysitting Course includes all the useful and reliable educational and safety information for pre-teens and teens. This course is a nationally recognized program designed to help participants develop self-assurance, knowledge, and the skills required for babysitting duties and when being alone at home. Must be 11 years old or older. 
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